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        Kalu Yaka, Riri Yaka, Suniyan Yaksani, Mahasona and a Kali Dishtiya

Kalu Yaka


The first demon to arrive is Kalu Yaka (the black demon). He dances, grunting and shouting while waving a sword.


The yakadura asks questions and makes fun of the answers. Patient and audience laugh.


The yakadura then asks what illness's he has given the patient and the demon tells him, asking what he will be given for removing the sickness's. The yakadura tells him that he will give him his favourite foods and a cock.


The patient gives the offering basket to Kalu Yaka, and after eating from it he leaves.

Riri Yaka


Riri Yaka (the blood demon) arrives next. The same sequence of events is repeated, with the patient giving the demon an offering basket after a promise of being cured.

Suniyam Yaksani


Third to arrive is Suniyam Yaksani, disguised as a pretty young lady, throwing flowers at the men and young boys as she enters. She dances seductively with the yakadura, swaying her hips and trying to kiss him.


She talks to the drummer, waving her handkerchief at him. He makes many jokes about the demon, finally pointing out that the patient has become ill because of her. He offers a plate of food (the offering basket) in return for removing her evil influence from him. The patient gives her the basket and she leaves.

Kali Dishtiya


Now the first dishtiya begins, a Kali vision performed by the daughter of the chief exorcist. After praying at the gods altar for Kali's help she quickly enters a trance/possession state. She has no conscious control of her body. Two attendants follow closely, carrying ritual tools (a trishool and velaudha) to help control her.


She then stalks the outside area, seeking out and scaring away malign spirits and ghosts by flaming torches in various directions around her.


A stand with a pumpkin has been set up at the entrance to the property. With sword held high, Kali finds her way to the pumpkin stand. She sweeps the sword down onto the pumpkin destroying more evil influences.


Then Kali slowly returns to the house, her helpers making space around her, to perform lime cutting (dehi kapima) on the patient, removing more evil influences. The family are gathered and told that evil spirit items had been buried around the house, but now they had been removed and will not trouble them again.


She smashes a coconut in front of the gods altar to break more evil charms, then falls unconscious to the ground, her body rigid. Her helpers gather around spraying turmeric water and touching her with the trishool to revive her.


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The last part of a double torch dance.


He sits down ready to begin a comedy dialogue with the drummer.


The audience laughs as the drummer asks Mahasona why his head is on back to front but the demon refuses to tell him. Eventually the drummer theatens to reveal everything himself forcing the demon to tell the true story (See notes).


:The patient is sitting bottom right.

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