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Part 2 - Dealing with Demons

The four demons in this ritual are the most feared and powerful. They act against humans and gods whenever they can. They have left their designated sphere and taken advantage of some weakness in the patient, implanting their noxious influence.



Compelling demons to leave


To loud drumming, the yakadura calls to the demon, telling him all his offerings and foods are here, the gods are here, all preparations have been made for him - and demands the demon appear.


Each demon enters the room and looks around, commenting on what he sees and maybe even talking to family members nearby. The yakadura gets his attention, reminding the demon of his birth legend, and what he is allowed to do or not to do by Mangara - the Lord of the Demons.


Then the comedy begins, with the yakadura playing 'straight man', confusing the demon and revealing him as foolish and lowly. This is done with clever and often sexual or rude jokes and wordplay. The patient and everyone watching laughs outloud, enjoying this humiliation. The demon is then persuaded or tricked into curing the patient in return for the items in his offering basket. The patient himself gives the demon his basket and the demon leaves immediately.



Kalu Yaka

Kalu Yaka has a string of jokes made about his name, much to the patients enjoyment. He carries the sword, used several times during the night. He eventually agrees to take his special foods instead of the patient, picks up his offerings and leaves.

Demon Riri Yaka takes offering basket

Riri Yaka - the Blood Demon

Riri Yaka, the monkey faced blood demon is the next  to be called, and again enters in a frightening manner. He carries a powerful ritual knife - a magura made from plantain trunks and white coconut leaves. He is also made fun of, and agrees to cure the patient before taking his basket and leaving.

Mahasona - The Great Cemetery Demon

Drummer makes fun of Mahasona

Mahasona arrives, attracted by the drumming and waving his sword.


Now another of the yakaduras, this time one of the drummers, takes over. He talks to the demon, asking questions and making fun of the demons foolish answers. Everyone watching enjoys the clever jokes, wordplay, and laughs as the demon appears ever more ridiculous.


Mahasona, like the other demons, eventually agrees to leave the patient in peace. He takes his offering basket from the patient and goes.

Suniyan Yaksani

Here is Suniyan Yaksani, arriving in the form of a young girl (although she is old and ugly), one of the three forms this demon like to use. She dresses as a bride in white and likes to cause erotic dreams and other probllems for men and boys


She throws flowers to the males in the audience while waving her scarf and dancing seducitively. She is normally involved with sorcery - evil spells cast against the patient,but can also cause mental illness, stomach problems and lose of libido.


She too, is made fun of with clever jokes, many about her age. Like the others, she agrees to cure the patient in return for her offerings


    Demons summoned and persuaded to leave

Part 3 - The palis


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