The choice of tires for your Chevrolet Onyx needs the attention of the owner, considering several variables that include the type of the car, the dimensions and the way of using the vehicle in relation to the routes that are taken on a daily basis. It is necessary that you understand how this vehicle works and with that you can have the correct information to choose the best original tire for chevrolet onix, be it your model of the year 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019 or 2020. Find more here: bridgestone driveguard review

That's because the Chevrolet Onix is ​​a differentiated car. With a modern design, aluminum rim wheels 15, LED position light and fog lights, Onix distances itself from the competition in the popular car niche due to its elegance and sophistication.

In addition, it is a car made with comfort and practicality in mind for passengers, with seats with premium coating, electric windows and locks on the doors, audio control, telephone and speed on the steering wheel, in addition to a spacious trunk with remote control opening. Onix also leaves something to be desired when it comes to performance: With the most economical engines in the category (1.4) and 106v of power, in addition to progressive electric steering, this is a car that will never disappoint you. No wonder that the Onix is ​​the best selling car the country for 4 consecutive years.

And that is why the time to replace the tires of your Chevrolet Onyx requires a careful choice, taking care of the quality and safety of your car. Many people choose to look for the original Onix tire , which is a good option but not the only one and not necessarily the best.

Which tire is good for Chevrolet Onix?

When you think of quality tires for your Chevrolet Onyx one of the good options is Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tires . It is a tire designed for sports cars, in order to achieve good grip and stability, in addition to providing safe braking, regardless of the speed of the car.

The Fuel Saving technology that integrates it aims to cause less rolling resistance, as well as facilitating excellent mileage and fuel economy, in concern for the environment. Another advantage of this tire, for your Chevrolet Ônix,it is the configuration of the asymmetric tread, causing a low noise due to the shape of the ribs and a good performance on a wet road, since the flow channels work together, keeping the contact area always connected to the road.

What is the tire size for Onix?

The tire size is 185 / 65R15 , with a width of 185 mm and rim of 15 inches. The profile is 65% wide and has a load index of 88 (560kg per tire) and a speed index: H - 210km / h. The model is of the Radial type and the quality is guaranteed by the safety tests of the Inmetro seal.

Another product suitable for your Chevrolet Onyx is the Bridgestone Turanza Er300 185 / 70r14 88h tire. It is a tire that consolidates all the evolution of Bridgestone technology at your service. With an instigating asymmetric design of its tread, its strong point is the great comfort and stability felt by the driver. Other advantages are its lower noise level and reduced aquaplaning due to an innovative tread compound, which results in excellent performance on wet tracks. It also has a differentiated technology from the side, offering performance in curves and at high speeds. The automaker offers a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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